Friday, 12 June 2015

Easy money on AUTOPILOT with PTC and Multiclicker2 (MC2)      

The internet is filled with so many ways to earn money online. But most of them require a lot of learning and initial investment. But PTC(Paid To Click) sites have always been the easiest and newbie friendly way to make money online without any previous experience and knowledge and the most important thing is that you need not invest a single dime.  Yes,it's completely FREE. For those who don't know what are PTC sites and why they pay you without any investment,just google it. Sorry,I won't explain it here because the scope of this article is to provide you directly the easiest and autopilot way to earn online.

What is multiclicker and how to use it?

PTC sites pay you to click and view ads. Multiclicker is a software to automate this task,so that you need not manually login and view ads for each of the PTCs. This is achieved with the help of plugins. A plugin for PTC site can show no. of clicks,no. of referrals,referral clicks,Balance etc. Multiclicker can run 100s of plugins at a time. This makes your life with PTC simple. You can make money by automating clicks for any PTC site. You only need the MC2 plugin and serial for that site. Plugins have '.site' extension.

You can download multiclicker from here:
After downloading extract the zip file to a folder.
You will get folders and files like this:

Create a shortcut on desktop for easier access.
If you wish to add a plugin for new site while multiclicker is running then click on File - Load Site and browse for the folder where your plugin (.site file) is located and open.The plugin for site is loaded successfully. You need to now add an account for the site.
For this click on "Add" button. You will get the list of all the sites you have the plugins in sites folder.Click on the site for which yoy wish to enter the login data.(i.e. username, password and serial). After the site is successfully added,click on site name you wish to start autoclicking and click on "Start" or if you wish to start all the added sites,click "Start All".
You need to solve the captcha each time you get the captcha window rest will be taken care by multiclicker.
I recommend setting the browser in multiclicker to avoid ban from PTC sites. To do this go to:
Settings - Browser list - Capture
You will get a window like this:

Either click on the link to open in your default browser or enter the url in your favourite browser. This will open a webpage. Enter any name in the "Name" textbox and click Submit.

How to get the plugins and serials?

In order to get the plugins,you need to join as my referral for the PTC sites and send me your login name correctly. Then I will verify that you have registered under me and send you both the plugin and serial. Fill and submit the form at the bottom of the page titled "Request Multiclicker Plugin" to get plugin and serial or send me an email at Please specify sitename and username with which you have registered the PTC in the message.
Note:-I found that some of my referrals who were initially visitors of this site were doubtful whether I will provide the plugin or not. So they have signed up for only one PTC site under me and they believed this is real only after receiving plugin and serial key in their inbox. So if you are also skeptical then you can also verify it by trying for just one PTC initially.

How this will help to gain Referrals for you?

As we know, refferals are the key to success in PTC, as you get some percentage of their earnings though it is not deducted from their earnings.So it is important to get as many referrals as possible.But how to get them? Easy! Do the same thing as I am doing.Help them by providing the plugins and serial keys. You can get the serial key for any ptc with your referral's username too but the condition is that you need to get the credits for it. The credits are nothing but the number of ad clicks in that PTC from your account. For every 30 clicks,you can request new serial key trough the same form at the bottom. After reaching 30 clicks,you can request serial key for new username for that perticular PTC and provide it to your referral.

PTC sites: